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Welcome to Perl Technologies!

If you are looking for perfect IT services for your business, you will find them here!

Perl Technologies offers web skills that run deep. HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, responsive: We speak all those languages. Whatever you’ve got, we can code it.

Finish client projects faster. We partner with marketing and design agencies to build beautiful, responsive websites for clients.

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  • Welcome To Perl Technologies!If you are looking for perfect IT services for your business, you will find them here!
  • Our servicesThe complete information regarding our services you will find on the "Service" page.
  • About Perl Technologies!We’ve been building websites for fifteen years. Our philosophy is simple, yet effective. Strategy. Design. Build. Market.
  • Creative Scope At the beginning, every area of the project is defined, including its functionalities and promoting actions. Through a data collection called briefing, all information needed to achieve the objectives of your company is absorbed.
  • Research & Discovery In this stage, we'll turn your company's objective into the structural organization of your website. The R&D stage is crucial in defining a well-thought out plan of action. Therefore, we'll determine the location of every bit of content, always taking into account the access facility and comfort to navigate. The tail-end of the phase leaves us providing the client a study on typography, branding elements, competitors, industry value, and market positioning.
  • Conceptualization The objective of your project's design is to amaze your clients. Colors, shapes, effects and creativity. In this stage, all visual details of your project are idealized and created, taking into account the planning, its objectives and the arrangement of the content to be inserted. Understanding your client’s and the interaction and creative flow is a standard of perfection for this milestone.
  • Integration This step is divided into two parts: The “front-end”, where the assembly of the screens that were already drawn is made; and the “back-end”, which is the general integration of your website with the systems that feed and update it. Bringing your digital imagination to life is the goal of this checkpoint.
  • Execution After making tests in different platforms and devices and versions, we present the final project for your approval. Highlighting a course document that will encompass the training and speak to each understanding detail from UI to UX.
  • Evaluation After all the steps, the release of the website is made with series of actions in digital and traditional media to promote it. We call this creative partnering. We offer a premier line up of measureable deliverables to get off the ground and to 35,000 feet within moments. We feel with our compelling products and service offered we elevate the standard.

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